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 Application - FaintFoal897177

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PostSubject: Application - FaintFoal897177   Application - FaintFoal897177 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2015 10:36 pm


-Who's behind the controller?-
Time Zone/Location: cental
How often do you play games?: Destiny, cod black ops 2
What games do you play?: as of recently, Destiny has been my game of choice but I do dabble in other first person shooters as well.

-Finesse (FPS)-
Button Layout: standard
Sensitivity: 7
Crouch Behavior: tap
Clench Protection:
Vibration: on
Aim Assist: on

-Skill range-
Highest skill rank achieved on your primary game(s)
20 trueskill rank in Control

-What type of player are you?-
Preferred game-types: Control, clash and trials of Osiris
Preferred Maps: shores of time, widows court and blind watch.
Automatic or Precision?: precision
Burst or Single Fire?: burst
Sticky or Frag?: tracking (axion bolt and firebolt grenade)
Slayer, Support, or Obj?: slayer

-Most used loadout-
Primary: the messenger (adept)
Secondary: any sniper, preferably praedyths revenge or patience and time.
Grenade: listed above, not trying to be a dick lol
Ability/Subclass: sunsinger/void walker
Tactical/Equipment: vortex mastery/ gift of the sun.
Support/Other: n/a

How did you find ZTG?:
If someone referred you here, what is their gamertag?:
I first found ZTG when I was tea bagging ZTG vanity in crucible. After little discussion with him it become clear that he was in fact, a cool guy. So with that said, I added him and was informed of the clan when I met his brother ZTG IPesty.
-Convince me-
Why do you want to join ZTG?: I'm a straight up guy, so I'm going to give a straight up answer. I am interested in obtaining a gjallohorn, but that is not to say that that is the only reason I want to be in this clan. I want to be in this clan because of the people that I have met in it so far. Everyone in this clan seems to be a really cool, laid back person. I would like to be able to competitively game, while at the same time being surrounded by people who are cool and fun to talk to, as opposed to asshole randoms and friends all the time.

Why should we accept your application?: i don't know, why should you? That's not up for me to decide. Humans are creatures that are conscious of the choices they make, based on the facts set before them. They are aware of the actions caused by there decisions. So let me ask you, why SHOULD you accept my application? What do YOU think accepting it will bring to the clan?
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Application - FaintFoal897177 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - FaintFoal897177   Application - FaintFoal897177 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2015 10:42 pm


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Application - FaintFoal897177
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