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 Example Application - ZTG IPesty

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ZTG IPesty
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ZTG IPesty

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Example Application - ZTG IPesty Empty
PostSubject: Example Application - ZTG IPesty   Example Application - ZTG IPesty I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 31, 2013 8:50 am

Gamertag: ZTG IPesty

-Who's behind the controller?-
Name: Vinny
Age: 23
Time Zone/Location: Central (-6:00) / Pensacola, FL
How often do you play games?: Every other day at least.
What games do you play?:Halo 4, Destiny, Soul Calibur 5, Borderlands 2, Tekken Tag 2, Black Ops 2, Minecraft,

-Finesse (FPS)-
Button Layout: Bumper Jumper
Sensitivity: 4
Crouch Behavior: Hold
Clench Protection: Off
Vibration: Off
Aim Assist: Off

-Skill range-
Highest skill rank achieved on your primary game(s):

Halo 4:
SR: 130
CSR: 37 (Swat/Regicide)

34 on 3 characters.
3480 Grimiore Score.

-What type of player are you?-
Preferred gametypes: TDM, Doubles, CTF, Rumble, KOTH
Preferred Maps: Halo 4: Simplex.  Destiny: Shores of Time.
Automatic or Precision?: Precision
Burst or Single Fire?: Burst Fire
Sticky or Frag?: Frag
Slayer, Support, or Obj?: Support/Obj

-Most used loadout-
Primary: Any burst fire rifle (BR/Pulse)
Secondary: Sniper if available, if not, Magnum.
Grenade: Frag
Ability/Subclass: Halo: Pro Vision.  Destiny: Sunsinger.
Tactical/Equipment: Halo: Shielding.  Destiny: Viking Funeral
Support/Other: Halo: Dexterity.  Destiny, Purifier Robes

How did you find ZTG?: I created the clan -.-'
If someone referred you here, what is their gamertag?: N/A

-Convince me-
Why do you want to join ZTG?: Because the website is kickass.

Why should we accept your application?: Because I created this kickass website.

Example Application - ZTG IPesty OTSSPestilenceTGK_zps5785dbc3Example Application - ZTG IPesty 840072_zpsffe2f26d
Example Application - ZTG IPesty MouseHiccup
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Example Application - ZTG IPesty
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